Plenary speakers

Evgeny Khaydukov

Upconversion nanocrystals for biophotonics and nanomedicine

Daniel Khomskii

Electric activity of different magnetic textures

Andries Meijerink

Bringing luminescence thermometry to a higher level

Valery Zapasskii

Spin noise spectroscopy of RE ions in crystals

Invited speakers

Kirill Boldyrev

High-resolution luminescence spectroscopy of functional materials

Maxim Doroshenko

Cr2+– Fe2+ energy transfer in ZnSe based solid solutions

Mikhail Eremin

Theory of crystal fields and excitation spectra (optical and terahertz) in Fe2Mo3O8

Alexey Kalachev

Electromagnetically induced transparency in isotopically purified rare-earth doped crystals

Alexandra Kalashnikova

Laser-driven ultrafast switching of rare-earth iron oxides

Vladimir Makhov

Luminescence of manganese and chromium ions in spinel hosts

Oscar Malta

Effects of spherical metallic nanoparticles plasmon on 4f–4f luminescence: experimental results and a theoretical approach

Evgueni Martynovich

Microspectroscopy of single color centers in alkali halide crystals

Sergey Moiseev

Pulse area theorem and ROSE protocol of optical memory in a crystal waveguide

Alexander Moskvin

Charge Transfer Excitons in HTSC Cuprates and Nickelates

Alexander Mukhin

Terahertz optical activity and gyrotropic birefringence in rare-earth magnetoelectrics

Sergey Nikitin

Site-selective laser spectroscopy and EPR of SrY2O4 crystals doped with Ho3+, Yb3+ and Nd3+ ions

Roman Pisarev

Linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopy of 3d exciton states in copper metaborate CuB2O4

Konstantin Pukhov

Quantum information processing using Stark effect

Michael F Reid

Spectroscopy and modelling of rare-earth ions in Y2SiO5

Valerii Tarasov

Structure of ytterbium impurity centers in forsterite single crystal according to EPR spectroscopy data