Plenary speakers

Philippe Goldner

“Rare earth molecular crystals for quantum technologies”

‪Andries Meijerink

title to be confirmed later

Invited speakers

Kirill Boldyrev

High Resolution Fourier Spectroscopy for Quantum Technologies

Michael F Reid

title to be confirmed later

Bausá López, Luisa E. - IFIMAC - Condensed Matter Physics Center

Luisa Bausa

“Spatial coherence form Nd3+ quantum emitters mediated by a plasmonic chain”

Committees | ICOM 2018

Miroslav Dramicanin

“The near-infrared luminescence of Mn5+ activated phosphors and their use for temperature measurements”

Адвокаты - Адвокатская контора № 2 (г. Владимир)

Alexander Mukhin

“Terahertz optical activity and gyrotropic birefringence in rare-earth magnetoelectrics”

Valery Zapassky

“Spin noise spectroscopy of RE ions in crystals”

Адвокаты - Адвокатская контора № 2 (г. Владимир)

Vladimir Makhov

“Luminescence of manganese and chromium ions in spinel hosts”

Александр Сергеевич Москвин — Научно-исследовательский портал Уральского  федерального университета

Alexander Moskvin

“Charge Transfer Excitons in HTSC Cuprates and Nickelates”

Mikhail Eremin

“Theory of crystal fields and excitation spectra (optical and terahertz) in Fe2Mo3O8

Alexandra Kalashnikova

“Laser-driven ultrafast switching of rare-earth iron oxides”

Roman Pisarev

“Linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopy of 3d exciton states in copper metaborate CuB2O4