The NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments group of companies is a proven manufacturer of atomic force microscopes and their combinations with optical microscopy and spectroscopy methods for nanotechnology and its applications.

• Our team of talented engineers is committed to providing quality service to all of our customers in industry and academia around the world.

• We value our history and traditions, work all over the world as a team and share ideas, technologies and talents.

• In each product we have applied the best hardware and software solutions that meet the high requirements of the scientific community.

• We strive to be the unrivaled microscope manufacturer by maintaining high quality standards.

The manufactured product line includes various SPM models and systems based on them, from educational and scientific class instruments to professional automated systems, including those that allow studies using microscopy and spectroscopy in the visible, infrared and THz ranges with nanometer spatial resolution. A team with more than thirty years of experience in the development, production and development of scientific instrumentation.

NT-MDT LLC is a part of the NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments of companies and a resident of the Skolkovo project.