Plenary speakers

Philippe GoldnerRare earth molecular crystals for quantum technologies
Andries Meijerinktitle to be confirmed later

Invited speakers

Liudmila AlyabyevaUltrahard ferromagnetic oxides for terahertz technologies
Kirill BoldyrevHigh Resolution Fourier Spectroscopy for Quantum Technologies
Michael F Reidtitle to be confirmed later
Luisa BausaSpatial coherence form Nd3+ quantum
emitters mediated by a plasmonic chain
Miroslav DramicaninThe near-infrared luminescence of Mn5+ activated phosphors and their use for temperature measurements
Alexander MukhinTerahertz optical activity and gyrotropic
birefringence in rare-earth magnetoelectrics
Valery ZapasskySpin noise spectroscopy of RE ions in crystals
Vladimir MakhovLuminescence of manganese and chromium ions in spinel hosts
Alexander MoskvinCharge Transfer Excitons in HTSC Cuprates and Nickelates 
Alexandra KalashnikovaLaser-driven ultrafast switching of rare-earth iron oxides.
Roman PisarevLinear and nonlinear optical
spectroscopy of 3d exciton states in copper metaborate CuB2O4
Georges Boulontitle to be confirmed later
Gilles Ledouxtitle to be confirmed later
Viana‬ ‪Brunotitle to be confirmed later
Valery Tarasovtitle to be confirmed later
Oscar Maltatitle to be confirmed later
Daniel Khomskiititle to be confirmed later
Wiesław Stręktitle to be confirmed later
Evgueni Martynovichtitle to be confirmed later

Oral & Poster talks

Anastasiia BabkinaHighly luminescent borogermanate glass with CsPbHal3 perovskite nanocrystals
Aleksandr SkvortsovAbsorption and emission spectra of congruent LiNbO3:Er3+ crystals in the 400-1650 nm range
Konstantin BarantsevOptical pumping of alkali atoms under conditions of breaking the electron-nuclear bond during collisions
Aleksei KuraptsevLight transport in a random ensemble of resonant atoms in a waveguide: Anderson localization of light v.s. diffuse radiation transfer
Alfiya SpirinaLuminescent characteristics of Yb:YAG and Yb:Y2O3 ceramics
Polina RyabochkinaSpectral-luminescent characteristics of zirconium dioxide solid solutions excited by synchrotron radiation
Maria ZamoryanskayaExcitation capture efficiency of rare-earth ions in wide-gap materials
Ilya KolesnikovDual-center Gd2O3:Tb3+/Eu3+ nanophosphors for high-sensitive ratiometric thermometry
Andrei FokinParamagnetic centers of Gd3+ in single crystal of Y2SiO5 doped with chromium
Roman YusupovUltrafast dynamics of orbital and spin orders in FeCr2O4 multiferroic spinel
Elena DobretsovaLuminescence Spectra of Er:YSAG laser ceramics
Elena Chukalinatitle to be confirmed later
Vladimir ChernyshevPhonon Spectrum of R2Sn2O7(R=La-Lu): Ab Initio Calculation
Aleksey FedorovProbing non-Markovian dynamics of NISQ systems
Adel Garifullintitle to be confirmed later
Liudmila GoncharTheoretical investigation of magnetic resonance spectra of frustrated pseudoperovskite manganites
Gilman ShakurovTunable EPR spectroscopy of non-Kramers ions in Al2O3
Ekaterina DementevaEffect of the Zr/Hf Ratio on the Structure and Luminescent Properties of Cubic Ceramics (Zr0.82-С…HfС…Y0.17Eu0.01)O1.91
Damir ValievThe improving effect of structural and luminescent properties of YAG:Ce3+ ceramics fabricated by powerful ultrasonic assistance
Kamil Karimullintitle to be confirmed later
Dina KellermanEnergy transfer and thermoluminescence in LiMgPO4:RE
Svetlana KrylovaRaman spectroscopy of SrLnCuS3 (Ln=La, Nd, Tm): experiment and ab initio calculation
Alexander MalakhovskiiInfluence of magnetic order on magnetic circular dichroism in antiferromagnet Ho0.75Nd0.25Fe3(BO3)4.
Ivan ZhidkovElectronic structure of MAPb1-xMexI3 perovskites
Sergey KuznetsovX-ray luminescence diamond-nanoparticle composites
Marina Popovatitle to be confirmed later
Nikolai RomanovLight and Spins in Rare-Earth Doped Garnets
Ekaterina KulpinaLi/Zn ratio effect on manganese spectral properties in germanate glass-ceramics
Mikhail EreminTheory of crystal fields and excitation spectra (optical and terahertz) in Fe2Mo3O8
Valerii TarasovStructure of ytterbium impurity centers in forsterite single crystal according to EPR spectroscopy data
Aleksey FedorovProbing non-Markovian dynamics of NISQ systems
Mikhail ZuevNew Upconversion Bulk- and Nano Phosphors Based on Sr2Y8-x-yYbyTmxSi6O26