AZIMUTH PHOTONICS is one of the most experienced specialized distributors of optoelectronics components, devices, and research equipment for the photonics industry in Russia. The company is involved in the distribution and promotion products from leading international well-known manufacturers such as Detection Technology, ET Enterprises, Laser Components GmbH, Heimann Sensors GmbH, Rad-Icon Imaging, Thorlabs, SensL, Frankfurt Laser Company, Saint-Gobain, Vertilon, Mightex, NET GmbH, PicoQuant, Cobolt, Omicron-Laserage, Infratec, Infrared Associates, Becker&Hickl, Litron, Micro Photon Devices, Daylight Solutions, Ximea, Sglux, Kuraray, OSI Optoelectronics, AiT Instruments and others.

The company consists of professional sales staff providing customers with technical support in the implementation of supplied products in the existing and newly developed equipment for various applications. All our sales engineers have university education related to the photonics or semiconductors industry and take participation in the suppliers’ trainings on a permanent basis.

There are over 1000 Russian customers including OEM companies and research organizations in our customer’ database. These are key Russian OEM companies and research universities from Russian Academy of Sciences involved in the R&D and mass production of equipment for medicine, household and industrial applications, oil and gas industry, homeland security, high energy physics, scientific and research experiments, and many others.

We provide our customers with comprehensive technical and information support that includes:

  • samples for testing and support in search of qualified components for a substitution;
  • detailed technical documentation and user manuals;
  • recommendation how to implement supplied products into customer’s application;
  • trainings and webinars including involvement sales and technical manufacturers’ staff;
  • regularly events advertisement and latest product releases on the company website;
  • publications of technical articles in the local Photonics magazine and on the company website.

Every year the company takes a participation in Russian Photonics show and different specialized research conferences. The developed logistics chain allows us to supply optoelectronic components almost anywhere in Russia and local company’s stock reduces lead-time for OEM projects. The company long-term financial stability results in an ability to invest own money in advanced payments to our suppliers and provide credit terms for OEM customers and universities together with budgetary pricing.

Our aim is an implementation of reliable and innovative solutions from the photonics industry into OEM production and support of Russian scientific projects with state-of-the-art technologies. We focus on to be one of the key photonics solutions distributors on the Russian market providing customers with qualified technical support for the supplied products and flexible reaction on the market requirements and challenges.