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The XVIII International Feofilov Symposium on Spectroscopy of Crystals Doped with Rare Earth and Transition Metal Ions (IFS-2022) continues a sequence of symposia organized by Petr P. Feofilov and started in Moscow in 1965. The first nine events were held as national meetings. Already more than 20 years, symposia have been gathering researchers working in the fields of optical spectroscopy, condensed matter physics and solid state chemistry from all over the world. After the Xth (Saint Petersburg, 1995), XIth (Kazan, 2001), XIIth (Ekaterinburg, 2004), XIIIth (Lake Baikal, 2007), XIVth (St. Petersburg, 2010), XVth (Kazan, 2013), XVIth (St. Petersburg, 2015), XVIIth (Ekaterinburg, 2018) Symposia, IFS-2022 will be held in Moscow.

Provided that pandemic restrictions are lifted, we consider running the Symposium in a hybrid format, both in-person and simultaneously online. The online virtual attendance will be mixed with an in-person appearance in Moscow.

About Petr P. Feofilov

Petr P. Feofilov, one of the most famous Russian researchers in optical spectroscopy in the XX century, began his research under the supervision of the Academician Sergey I. Vavilov. Feofilov has made a great contribution to the development of physics of crystals doped with transition metal ions. He is one of the first in the world to have begun the systematic investigation of the optical properties of crystals comprising ions with uncompleted shell, e.g. rare earth (RE) ions and uranium. He was the first to state such essential problems as multiple activator sites problem, crystal-chemical conditions of activation, physical structure and energy of the RE-sites. Feofilov has developed and successfully implemented the method of polarized luminescence for investigation of the RE-sites. The book “Polarized luminescence of molecules, solutions and crystals” now is a classical course book to study luminescence spectroscopy. The studies of luminescence properties of crystals performed by Feofilov have allowed the creation one of the first solid state lasers based on calcium fluoride doped with samarium and uranium ions. The research by Feofilov has a great impact on such areas of solid state physics as crystallography and optical spectroscopy of defects in crystals. Besides, Feofilov was a friendly, open-minded and talented person.

Conference organizers

Lebedev Physical Institute RAS (LPI RAS, Moscow)

Institute of Spectroscopy RAS (ISAN, Troitsk, Moscow)

Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU, Moscow)

Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS, Moscow)

Honorary Chairman:  Alexander A. Kaplyanskii

Chairman: Andrey V. Naumov


  • f– and d-ions in crystalline and non-crystalline insulators and semiconductors, energy transfer
  • electron-phonon interaction and dynamics
  • relaxation of excited states and photoinduced phenomena
  • microwave-optical and terahertz spectroscopy
  • magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  • magneto-optical spectroscopy
  • cooperative processes and coherent phenomena
  • electron structure modeling and spectra simulation
  • microscopic theory of exchange and hyperfine coupling
  • nonlinear spectroscopy
  • probing of organic and biomaterials
  • charge transfer phenomena and charge ordering
  • solid-state lasers, scintillators, phosphors
  • crystallography aspects of optical materials development
  • spectroscopy of photonic crystals
  • quantum information processing and instrumentation

Languages of the symposium:

Russian and English.

Symposium is supported by:

Department of Physical Sciences &
Corps of Professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences

General sponsors

e-mail: [email protected]