All sessions of the IFS-2022 will be broadcast on the YouTube channel “Feofilov Symposium 2022 in accordance with the Schedule of the symposium. Speakers will be connected using personal links sent by the organizers using the Yandex Telemost service. Listeners can view all sessions, as well as ask questions in the comments mode. Questions received in the comment mode during the report and within 3 minutes after its completion will be asked to the speaker by the moderator of the section. Answers to questions received later will be posted in the form of responses to comments under the video.

On August 25, an online poster section will be organized for all participants of the symposium. Speakers who have submitted online poster presentations will have the opportunity to give a brief 3-5 minute overview of their presentations, while the participants will be able to ask the questions. In addition, participants can post their posters (see below) by sending them to [email protected] before August 25.

Links to connect to the Yandex Telemost service will be sent to participants who have submitted online reports (poster, oral, invited and plenary) no later than August 18. If Your report is marked in the IFS-2022 Program on the site as “online” and you have not received a personal link by August 18, please inform us.

Online posters

4. Vladimir Chernyshev (Ural Federal University) “Phonon Spectrum of R2Sn2O7 (R=La-Lu): Ab Initio Calculation”

6. Andrei Fokin (Ural Federal University), Vladimir Vazhenin, Alexander Potapov, Mikhail Artyomov, Kirill Subbotin, Anatolii Titov “Paramagnetic centers of Gd3+ in single crystal of Y2SiO5 doped with chromium”

8. Sergey Gushchin (Ogarev Mordovia State University), S.V. Kuznetsov, V.Yu. Proydakova, A.A. Lyapin, P.A. Ryabochkina, P.P. Fedorov, M.V. Chernov “Enhancement of up-conversion luminescence of SrF2:Ho phosphors using co-doping Yb3+ ions upon excitation of 5I7 level of Ho3+ ions”

16. Ekaterina Kulpina (ITMO University), Anastasiia Babkina, Ksenia Zyryanova “Li/Zn ratio effect on manganese spectral properties in germanate glass-ceramics”

17. Nataliya Larina (Ogarev Mordovia State University), Polina Ryabochkina, Elena Lomonova, Efim Chernov “Analysis of the impurity composition of zirconia ceramics by photoluminescence spectroscopy”

18. Olga Lipina (Institute of Solid State Chemistry UB RAS), Yana V. Baklanova, Tatyana S. Spiridonova, Elena G. Khaikina “Na5Rb7Sc2(WO4)9:Yb3+/Ho3+ or Yb3+/Tm3+: upconversion luminescence and temperature sensing characteristics”

21. Alexey Nurmukhametov (Kazan Federal University), Mikhail Eremin “On field dependence of nonreciprocity in optical spectra of CuB2O4

25. Aleksandr Skvortsov (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute RAS), Aleksandr B. Pevtsov, Katalin Polgar “Absorption and emission spectra of congruent LiNbO3:Er3+ crystals in the 400-1650 nm range”